Top Animation Techniques For Your Website

Over the years, website design has gone through transformation and innovation. Now web designers use animation to make the website layout more lively. It is a popular trend today. Web animation makes the user experience better. Here are the top techniques for web animation.


It is a very common animation on a website. You can include hidden navigation on your website to provide a better user experience. To go to the next page, you need to click on an icon only. This saves whitespace on the screen and makes the transition from one page to the other quicker.

Navigation animation can break the site into different categories and organize UX architecture. The customers can find category-wise content easily. They can search for products or information quickly.

Hover animation for desktop

The CSS animation can give feedback on the users’ actions. The hover animation for desktop makes navigation simple. This animation is only for desktops. You can be informed about an interaction right away.


Progressive animation can be used to decrease the loading time. If it takes a long time for the website to load, then the users won’t stay on the pages for a long time. However, your website may contain a lot of photographs and videos that take time to load.

Progression animation can be used to keep the user entertained while your content gets loaded. This way, the user won’t feel bad waiting a bit for the pate to load. If you want to include this animation on your website, then you have to ensure that it’s simple and engaging.

Getting better attention

You can add motion to your site. To get user attention. Motion animation can motivate a customer to take action. So, if you want to redirect the customer to another page or click the ‘purchase’ button, then you can use this motion animation.

Visual feedback

Most customers would like to see feedback on an action they have taken. For example, if the customer has submitted a form or placed an order, there should be visual feedback to ensure that their actions have been seen or accepted. An example includes getting an error message if you click the wrong option.

Dynamic backgrounds

This animation can make the user journey memorable by creating an emotional experience with the user. This type of animation complements the existing content of the website.


On many modern websites, you will see slideshows. This way, the users can browse while the slideshow is played. This is a great way to provide a lot of pictures on your site to attract users. If the users want, they can view the pictures. Before you create the slideshow, make sure you choose a limited number of pictures. Else the speed of the website may reduce.

You should include some of these animations on your website. These animations will provide an outstanding user experience. Incorporating the animations is simple, and a good web designer would be able to do it with ease.