Over the years, website design has gone through transformation and innovation. Now web designers use animation to make the website layout more lively. It is a popular trend today. Web animation makes the user experience better. Here are the top techniques for web animation. Navigation  It is a very common animation on a website. You can include hidden navigation on your website to provide a better user experience. To go to the next page, you need to click on an icon only. This saves whitespace on the screen and makes the transition from one page to the other quicker. Navigation animation can break theRead More →

Over the years, the technology and concept of web design have changed. You need to stay updated with your web design trends to stay competitive. Here we will discuss the web design trends to follow this year. Bold colour  This year’s trend is to go for bold and bright colours. This will help your brand to stand out from the websites that are of neutral colours. When choosing the colour, make sure that it is not hard on the eyes. Many companies have changed the colour of their websites from neutral to bold tones this year. Load time and page speed Just like before,Read More →